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Data Driven

Our Performance marketing strategy focuses on creating strategies based on the studies carried out by Data driven, to achieve concrete results.

Strategy 100% focused on
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B2C companies.

Our Strategy

At Venditori, we seek to use the best flow in data analysis, to make the most of the metrics obtained and use them in our strategy.



We adjust our strategies to fit the budget of each company.

KPI Scope

Scope of KPIs

We focus on achieving KPIs to effectively direct our efforts towards your objectives.

Qualified lead data

Qualified data

We use advanced data engines, such as Clearbit, to have more qualified data.

AI - Artificial Intelligence

AI support

We rely on AI, to obtain relevant metrics and a more precise strategy.

Sales funnels


We create a structure that defines the process until achieving the objectives that were defined.

Use of Software

Use of Software

We use the best software in order to parameterize the results obtained in the strategy.

Our process

Of strategy

Our Performance marketing solution focuses on maximizing the performance of our strategies to ensure the highest possible return.

Return on investment

Optimized ROI

In our strategies, we seek to optimize the budget as much as possible to obtain a higher RoI.

Click-through rate

Higher CTR

With Data Driven, we can create strategies focused on achieving a higher percentage of CTR.

Cost per click

Lower CPC

The efficiency of the strategies we carry out helps us to have a lower CPC.

Leads cualificados


The purpose of
our service

Data analysis and its implementation in our marketing solution seeks to deliver tangible results to our partners, so we focus on allowing you to obtain qualified results for your company.

Efficiency in
The processes

The constant testing of the data obtained in the strategy allows us to implement solutions in real time, all in order to obtain solutions that are efficient in the strategy of each of our partners.

Implementation of Workflows

In our marketing solutions and All In One, we thoroughly analyze the structure of companies, from


Process analysis

We meticulously evaluated current methods and created a detailed map to identify opportunities for optimization.


Advanced software

We implement tools and systems that improve communication and synergy between departments for greater efficiency.


Effective implementation

We create automated flows that reduce manual workload, minimize errors and streamline daily operations.

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The ultimate solution

We use advanced, data-driven, and performance-oriented approaches to ensure that every marketing investment generates tangible results.

Performance marketing  y Data driven


Our service is characterized by its total focus on obtaining results that are measurable. At Venditori, we use specific and highly personalized strategies to push your company to another level. Our experience in ads and advanced analytics allows us to optimize investment, increase conversions and improve profitability.

Big data

Data driven

At Venditori, we are committed to using a data-based approach to marketing decision-making. Our strategies are built on a solid database. We use advanced analysis and constant evaluation of all parameters to ensure that marketing actions are backed by concrete data.

Social media ads

Media Ads

Social Media is an essential channel for reaching your audience. Our team creates ads that are highly effective and that expand your reach and generate significant conversions on platforms such as LinkedIn. With a data-centric approach, we constantly optimize campaigns so that they can achieve exceptional results.

Sales pipelines


Creating pipelines is an essential strategy to automate your sales processes, which is why we develop pipelines that convert leads into customers in an efficient and recurring way over time. We establish clear and logical workflows, implementing automation tools to optimize your sales operations.



Search engine optimization (SEO) is a crucial component of online visibility for any type of company. Our SEO services improve your website's search engine ranking, increasing organic traffic and optimizing content to attract your target audience in an organic way.



Our SEM service goes beyond simple search engine visibility. We consider it as a comprehensive strategy to effectively position your company. From keyword research and competitive analysis to executing segmented campaigns, every step is done with a meticulous approach.



Our Audience Insights service enriches knowledge about your audience. We use advanced technology and data analysis to explore and segment audiences in depth. By knowing all your preferences, behaviors, and challenges, we can customize marketing campaigns for greater impact.

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Icon - Elements Webflow Library - BRIX Templates

The approach
of our solution

Our Performance Marketing solution is aimed at companies looking for highly effective marketing strategies adapted to their specific growth and conversion objectives.

Steady growth

Steady growth

Ideal for Ecommerce or companies that want to obtain tangible results quickly.


Of strategy

It's ideal for optimizing lead generation and improving

Campaign budget

Of budget

Suitable for companies that want to manage their advertising budget more efficiently foxglove.


Increase of

It is useful to increase the return on investment made in each of the campaigns carried out in the strategy.

How we work!

Our flow
Of work

We use a data-based approach to optimize campaigns and strategies, ensuring that every investment made is a solid return over time.

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Increase of ROI in each strategy.
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Acquisition of qualified data.
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Tangible results in every process.
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Multichannel strategies.
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Implementation of new technologies.


We analyze the current state of companies to understand their needs and how their business model works.


We define your KPIs, channels, budget and strategy schedule to ensure full alignment with your goals.


We execute the established actions, using the analysis carried out to achieve the objectives, each action is based on the defined strategy.

A/B Testing

We constantly monitor and adjust in real time using A/B testing and data analysis to maximize performance.


We implemented a robust data tracking system to evaluate the success of the strategy. We perform deep data analysis to achieve KPIs.


We evaluate the collected data and offer solutions for strategies. We create reports that keep you informed and allow you to make informed decisions.
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